New MEROPE album NAKTĖS is here!
Listen, order, enjoy!

New Merope video by Imge Özbilge!

New Book of Air: vvolk album ‘se (in) de bos’ is out!

Solo album NAMOPI is in a process of recording.

Check the new Ratas del viejo mundo video  presenting our first album Rions Noir!





April 24 Predrikherenkerk, Leuven, BE, solo set

April 25 CC Ter Vesten, Beveren, BE, solo set

April 26 CC Belgica, Dendermonde, BE, solo set

April 27 CC T Vondel, Halle, BE, solo set

May 3 Bray Jazz Festival, IE, solo set

May 4 Bray Jazz Festival, IE, solo set

May 26 Haarlem, NL, with Merope

June 21 De Studio, Antwerpen, BE, whole night concert with Book of Air: vvolk

June 30 Alba Nova, Bilzen, BE, with Ratas del viejo Mundo

July 5 Forde Festival, NO, with Solo and Indrė

August 2 De Nor, Antwerpen, BE, with Merope + Shahzad Ismaily

August 13 Campfire Club, London, UK, with Merope

November 6 Konserthuset, Copenhagen, DK, with Efterklang


Magic memories from PEOPLE festival in Berlin!

New video by Imge Ozbilge: 

Rototo - new song from Merope album ‘Naktės’
together with the stream of life in the streets of Nagaur and Mumbai.

  Sodai - traditional song about the cycle of life in nature. ‘My dear green gardens,
you won’t be blooming cause winter is coming.’

New Merope video from the upcoming album recording NAKTĖS. An old lullaby
about the swan who will bring a new baby’s name in her mouth.

   l sing ‘Oh dear bee, are you not afraid to fly alone in the field, while Solo is
singing an old legend about a king who stole poor fisherman’s wife.


sounds from concerts, recordings, etc.


November 6 2019 Konserthuset, Copenhagen, Denmark, with Efterklang.
August 13 2019 Campfire Club, The Nest Collective, London, UK, with Merope.
August 2 2019 De Nor, Antwerpen, Belgium, with Merope + Shahzad Ismaily.
June 30 2019 Alba Nova, Bilzen, Belgium, with Ratas del viejo Mundo.
June 21 2019 De Studio, Antwerpen, Belgium, whole night concert with Book of Air:vvolk.
May 3-4 2019 Bray Jazz Festival, Bray, Ireland, solo set.
April 27 2019 T Vondel, Halle, Belgium, solo set.
April 26 2019 CC Belgica, Dendermonde, Belgium, solo set.
April 25 2019 CC Ter Vesten, Beveren, Belgium, solo set.
April 24 2019 Predikherenkerk, Leuven, Belgium, solo set.
December 27 2018 Kotryna Church, Vilnius, Lithuania, with Merope and choir Jauna Muzika.
December 1 2018 Predikherenkerk, Leuven, Belgium, with Ratas del viejo Mundo.
November 29 2018 De Bijloke, Ghent, Belgium, with Ratas del viejo Mundo.
November 17 2018 Bielefeld, Germany, with Merope.
November 15 2018 The London Jukebox, UK, with Merope.
November 11 2018 Table Dance, Antwerpen, Belgium, with Merope.
November 10 2018 l’An Vert, Liege, Belgium, with Merope.
October 31 2018 Filmtage Lubeck, Germany, with Merope.
October 26 2018 Nordic Nights, Hasselt, Belgium, with Merope.
October 20 2018 Oortreders festival, Neerpelt, Belgium, with Book of Air.
October 13 2018 Exposed Music, Palace M, Keizerskapel, Antwerpen, Belgium, with Imge Ozbilge.
September 25 2018 De Nor, Antwerpen, Belgium, with Bert Cools.
September 20 2018 Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Book of Air: Fieldtone.
August 18-19 2018 People, Berlin, Germany.
July 25 2018 Petworth Festival, Easebourne Church, UK, with Merope.
July 10 2018 Mama Studios, Vilnius, Lithuania, with Merope.
July 8 2018 Nida Church, Lithuania, with Merope.
July 7 2018 Juodkrantė Church, Lithuania, with Merope.
July 5 2018 Klaipėda, Lithuania, with Merope.
June 29 2018 Talking about Borders Festival, State Theater of Nuremberg, Germany, with Merope.
June 2 2018 Citadelic Festival, Ghent, Belgium, solo.
May 17 2018 Volta, Brussels, Belgium, with Merope.
May 16 2018 de Koer, Ghent, Belgium, with Merope.
May 13 2018 Donnas Walk, Concertgebouw Brugge, Belgium, with Ratas del viejo Mundo.
May 10 11, 2018 Operadagen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with Merope.
April 22 2018 Festival Flanders Kortrijk, Belgium, with Ratas del Viejo Mundo.
March 21 2018 Leuven Jazz Festival, Belgium, with Book of Air: vvolk.
March 9 2018 Amuz, Antwerpen, Belgium, with Ratas del Viejo Mundo.
March 1 2018 Matrimandir Garden Amphitheater, Auroville, India.
February 16 2018 Sacred Spirit Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, solo concert.
February 14 2018 Sacred Spirit Festival, Nagaur, Rajasthan, India, solo concert.
January 31 2018 BBC, Glasgow, UK, with Solo & Indre.
January 30 2018 Celtic Connections, Glasgow Royal Hall, UK, with Solo & Indre.
January 14 2018 Flagey, Brussels Jazz Festival, Belgium, with Book of Air : Fieldtone.
January 6 2018, Permeke, Antwerpen, Belgium, with Book of Air : Fieldtone.
December 7 2017 LCB Berlin, Germany, with Solo & Indre.
November 11 2017 festival Brand!, Nona, Mechelen, Belgium, with Book of Air: vvolk.
November 9 2017 Imge Ozbilge exibition opening, Pedrami Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium, solo concert.
October 18 2017 Bozar, Brussels, Belgium, with Solo & Indre.
October 2-4 2017 Art and Culture Festival, Beijing, China, with Merope.
August 11 2017 Pažaislis Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania, with Merope.
August 8 2017 St. Apostles Philip and Jacob Church, Vilnius, Lithuania, with Merope.
August 5 2017 Nida, Lithuania, with Merope.
March 24 2017 Leipzig Book Fair, Leipzig, Germany, solo concert.
June 3 2017 Songlines Encounters Festival, Kings Place, London, UK, with Solo & Indre.
November 18 2016 De Singel, Antwerpen, Belgium, with Book of Air: Fieldtone.
October 15 2016 International Dutch Harp Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands, with Merope.
September 25 2016 Music Tastes Good Festival, Long Beach, California, USA, with Solo & Indre.
September 22 2016 Chicago World Music Festival, Chicago, USA, with Solo & Indre.
September 17 2016 Lotus Festival, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, with Solo & Indre.
July 29 2016 Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Viljandi, Estonia, with Solo & Indre and Women Voices Ensemble.
December 24 2O15 Tansen Festival, Gwalior, India, with Merope.

n a m o p i 

Solo project collecting, improvising and rearranging traditional Lithuanian tunes. Selection of beloved folk melodies which I know since childhood.

kanklės, voice, electronics

swans, deers, bees, horses, wolfs, fish, cuckoo birds,
stars, trees and clouds 

r a t u t o
b i t i n ė l i s
s a k a l e
s o d a i



pralėkdamas bitinėlis
pro drevį sukrutino
drevelėj bitel