n a m o p i 

Solo project collecting, improvising and rearranging traditional Lithuanian tunes. Selection of beloved folk melodies which I know since childhood.

kanklės, voice, electronics

swans, deers, bees, horses, wolfs, fish, cuckoo birds,
stars, trees and clouds 

‘’The spirits of flowers, stones and animals, and the connectivity between people and nature inherent to animism, Jurgelevičiūtė explained, lay at the heart of her songs. A fine voice, unadorned by vibrato, complimented her exquisite playing - gently lulling on one hand, subtly uplifting on the other. Aided by a tiny electric whisker on one number and two resonating devices on another, all of which widened the sonic possibilities of the kanklės’ strings, Jurgelevičiūtė wedded modern technology to Medieval craftsmanship to beautiful effect.’’ All About Jazz, Ian Patterson, Bray Jazz festival 2019

r a t u t o
b i t i n ė l i s
s a k a l e
s o d a i



pralėkdamas bitinėlis
pro drevį sukrutino
drevelėj bitel